Thursday, January 10, 2019

Winter Trees #ThursdayTreeLove #blogboost

Some of those who participate in #ThursdayTreeLove are from India or other warmer climes than the one I live in, and I sometimes feel I will disappoint if I don't grab a picture of trees and snow on winter Thursdays.

We haven't had much snow, though!  One major snow, which caused havoc - but since then, not much.

But on the last Saturday of December, I awoke to some light snow flurries.  We got what we call a dusting.

And this was the result.  You can even see some fall color remnants on the three to the left.

Although this isn't a tree, I thought you would also like to see some snow close up on my rhododendron. This plant stays green year round, but takes our harsh winters well.  The buds will open into lovely flowers come late May.

Winter is striking where I live, today - January will not be denied, and this morning ice and snow have struck, along with wind.  Not a good day to go out in!

I am, once again, joining Parul and other bloggers who love trees at #ThursdayTreeLove.  Why not join us every second and fourth Thursday of the month?  Trees make me happy - do they make you happy?

See you next time!

Day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. what a cool concept - thanks for sharing

  2. I'm surprised the buds are there this early.

  3. Don't fret, Alana. This weekend will provide white stuff that stays. (We had snow and sleet yesterday- but with temperatures of 40, the flakes disappeared upon landing. Not so this weekend.)

  4. Hey, if there's no snow, there's no snow. It's okay to have snowless pictures in the winter.

  5. Alana,

    Our trees in the winter are just naked most of the time. One thing I love seeing even though I really hate the conditions is when ice freezes on tree limbs. That makes such a beautiful scene. I remember when we first married, we were in the Smoky's and every thing was covered with ice. The roads were passable and I don't recall any slick driving conditions but the landscape was wear its icy wardrobe. It was a gorgeous sight!

  6. The buds seem ripe for midwinter. Did they grow that far in the lovely late autumn, or resume growing in the long, long thaw?

    In Virginia we usually get milder versions of what upstate New York gets, in the way of winter weather. This morning the ground was frozen, for the first time since Christmas! "What is this?--Well, it IS January." It had been feeling like March.

    No idea how this weatherquirk will affect next spring's flowers...

  7. Thanks for sharing these images Alana.. Such a pleasure to see trees from another region and another season! I have seen Rhododendrons in the hills of northern India. But my initial memories of this plant are from the book Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier...

  8. In the very North of India is where we get snow in winters. The rest of the region gets cold but there is no snow. So everytime you join, I love the variety you bring in :) Thank you always for sharing tree love with us. Makes me grateful.
    I love the tree pics that you shared. Gorgeous in white cover.


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