Monday, April 1, 2019

April (Come She Will) #MusicMovesMe #BloggingfromAtoZ #Blogboost

Today is the beginning of my tightrope walk with three challenges in April.

Welcome!  Although my theme for #BloggingfromAtoZ is "Finding America Through Photos", I also participate in a music blog meme each Monday.  So today you get two themes for the price of one.

Who are the #MusicMovesMe bloggers? We are bloggers who blog about music each Monday and if you have music to share with us, you are most welcome to join! (Music Posts Only on this music train, please!)   First, there is XmasDolly,   Her co-conductors are:  Callie of JAmerican Spice,  and ♥Stacy of Stacy Uncorked♥   Also, co-conducting  is  Cathy from Curious as a Cathy .  Last but not least, there's - (said humbly) yours truly.
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Each month we have an honorary conductor for our train of music. Our honorary conductor for April is Kim From The ReInVintaged Life.  She has chosen for today's theme:‘April showers bring May flowers’ (songs about spring, rain, flowers).

Because today is "A" day on Blogging from A to Z, everything I do has to start with the letter "A". 
The duo Simon and Garfunkel present us with "April Come She Will".

Al Jolson sings "April Showers" (dubbed over actor Larry Parks).

A Rose for Emily by The Zombies - it sounds upbeat but listen closely to the lyrics.

On a happier note, it's time to switch to Finding America through Photos, starting with the 1968 song America by Simon and Garfunkel.  I was in high school when this song and I, already a Simon and Garfunkel fan, absolutely loved it.
Outdoor Art, Crystal Bridges, Bentonville, Arkansas
During the month of April, I am trying to find America through photos.
From Arkansas.... Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn...

...Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach, Florida...
Historic Garden Week 2017, Ashland, Virginia
..and April showers in Ashland, Virginia,

This month, I want to show you the beauty of our United States through photos.  Almost all are mine.  A few will be those of my guest photographer, a former co-worker, and I hope forever friend.

I hope you will join me during April.  For the next couple of days my posts will concentrate on the Binghamton, New York area (where I live and work) but after that, travel we will.  Until then, here are my challenges for April:

The Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost
Blogging from A to Z Challenge #bloggingfromAtoZ
Music Moves Me
On Fridays I also participate in Skywatch Friday, and, on the 15th of the month, Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. And, on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, Thursday Tree Love.

P.S. I have made some temporary changes in commenting, one (moving from embedded to popup commenting) that I hope will help avoid the "captcha" jail many of us find ourselves in. It's apparently due to a problem with Blogger that has been reported and hopefully will be fixed soon. The change also prevents me from responding to your comments.  So in advance I will say Thank you for visiting and I'm sorry I can't respond to your valued comments.

And that's no April Fool.

Day one of the Ultimate Blog Challege #blogboost


  1. Hello! I dropped by after finding you on the A to Z Challenge sign up form, but to be honest, I'm now more interested in the photos of America. I've never been and my images of your country are mostly made up of what I've seen on TV and in movies, so it will be really interesting to see what you've photographed. Good luck for all your April challenges :)

  2. Good morning and thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I am interested in seeing your pictures of America. I live here but I haven't seen in 25% of our beautiful nation. Thank you for sharing them. I'll be back.

  3. Awesome wall art in Arkansas!

    Sorry, I don't have a handy link as I'm on my ipad tonight doing some visits. But you can copy and paste this into your browser:

  4. I always thought that Simon And Garfunkel's "Finding America" would become as iconoclastic as Woody Guthrie's ballad.
    Too bad.
    Thanks for bringing back the dream. May we find our way back to "finding" that "America" once again- soon!

  5. Awesome start to AtoZ and of course your everyday post are aaammmaaazing! Love, love, Simon and Garfunkles April song and have that album on a CD...still play it. A photos are great...enjoyed them all. and I...have quite a digital photo collection...this challenge is going to be a fun way to share them. Thanks my friend for a perfect start to another year on AtoZ. I've switched to popup, too.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  6. Love your photos. Nice to reconnect with you through the UBC.

  7. I love photography and use it well on our blog. Lots of photos that add to the words written. And I love music and gardening. I’m going to enjoy following you through the UBC.

  8. Alana,

    The thing I like about popup commenting is I can still listen to the mewsic without interruption. Your song choices for this week's 4M theme and your 'A prompt' photo journal is awwwesome! :) I hope y'all will find time to check out my Little Mermaid Art Sketch series beginning with ARIEL on Curious as a Cathy!!

    Happy A2Zing & have a boogietastic week, my friend!

  9. Simon & Garfunkel's "Sounds of Silence" album was a classic. going through the blogs today I realize just how many rain/shower/April songs I missed. Thanks for sharing an excellent playlist. Have a blessed week.

  10. Super cool songs. I enjoyed them all. Have a wonderful Monday.

  11. You're off to a good start! Nice song choices, and your pictures are really nice. I especially like the one with the colorful building on Atlantic Avenue...

  12. Lm also a Simon and Garfunkel fan. Love your choices.

  13. I LOVE SIMON AND GARFUNKEL! Oh no... I am going to have to stay on this site a while today and so much to visit on A-Z!!!!
    Astrology is my A-Z

  14. Best of survival in the A 2 Z!

    Simon and Garfunkel also make me happy.

  15. Wowzers! I thought I was going to be busy this month! But somehow I think you might just be busier than me! Great picks for your songs. So far I've seen quite a few of the Al Jolson video. I wonder how many more times I'll see it today :)

  16. It's funny, I just had to read the title and I automatically got the song running in my head! That's the power of a big song! #MusicMovesMe

  17. Those were some nice pics, looking forward to more.

  18. Lovin' your line up girlfriend! Simon & Garfunkel has to be my favorite, but I have to cut this short today I have an appointment. YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND... OH MY GOSH YOU'RE DOIN' A TO Z! ME TOO! I'll leave a comment there first & then head out! HAVE A GREAT DAY! HUGS!

  19. See that's what I get for skimming! I gotcha now! You're ingenious!!! Mixing the two together! Great job & promise to catch more later. Hugs!!! Hope you get a chance to stop by me too! HUGS B2Z tomorrow! HUGS

  20. I enjoyed the collection of music and the photographs! And I am looking forward to exploring the United States through your photography! Best wishes on a successful and happy blogging challenge this month!

  21. I love photo themes! I can't imagine doing that many blogging challenges at once. The A to Z is enough for me. So, kudos, and keep the great pics coming.

  22. I love Simon and Garfunkle. I don't know if there is a more perfect sound. all of their music is moving and this is no exception.Asking for Help to Avoid Burnout

  23. Great pictures. Hats off for participating in 3 challenges. I am also participating in A2Z and UBC. All the best to you.

  24. Yay, music and travel, I'm all over it!
    Simon and Garfunkel, Oldies but Goodies :-)

    Good luck with your A-Z challenge!

  25. Nice set. A new Zombies' song to me at least. Wasn't S&G's "America" Bernie's campaign song a few year's ago?

  26. Had to try commenting to verify...I will not knowingly visit or revisit sites that use Captcha. Life is too short to try to figure out what a bunch of blurry photos are supposed to have in them, and my eyes become less patient with graphic clutter on computer screens every year.

    Maybe I *should* post about music more, now that Amazon has digitized so many favorites. I don't listen to digital music but it's the same recordings...

  27. Look at you rockin' the double-duty with fabulous A and 'rain' choices! :) Niiiiiice! I enjoyed dancing with you (even if I'm sooooo late...heh!!) Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!


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