Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Library Garden #Wordless Wednesday

The blogging from A to Z Challenge is over, and it's just in time for a #Wordless Wednesday, brought to us by Esha, the Skygirl, and Natasha Musing.

Taken April 25 at the Broome County Public Library, Binghamton, New York.

These next ones are daffodils.

So many variations.

Spring at last, even if the weather has been unseasonably cold for us recently.  Happy May Day to you!


  1. Gorgeous flowers!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Another challenge done and well done...congratulations! Lovely way to start May.

  3. Yeah, it's been unseasonably cold for us, too. In fact, we had rain a couple days ago. This is unheard of to have rain this late.

  4. Nice to see these beautiful spring flowers! ♥ Old Man Winter has refused to leave us, so far.

  5. Very beautiful blooms.
    Coffee is on

  6. Superb!
    I first 'met' Daffodils in school via a poem of the same name by William Wordsworth "I wandered lonely as a cloud..." I had never seen the flowers but his words created an image in my mind.. Decades later I saw the daffodil in real life and my amazement for the flower still continues!

  7. Congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge, Alana! That's incredibly brave of you, I think, especially for the kind of time, effort and energy it requires to stay motivated through the month. So, do take a bow!! I must admit I'm thrilled to see you join us for #ww this week with these beauties esp after the A-Z. Love the pretty flowers, Alana. Enjoy your springtime and have a happy rest of the week.

  8. Lovely flowers and great job on completing the A to Z. I gave up a few years ago but it's always fun to know my peeps are doing it successfully :)

  9. Love those daffodils, Alana.
    We call them Nargis here in India. I;'m besotted by them. I've been on the look out for these and am told they are not available this season here. By the florist.

    Thank you for this stunning post.

    Have a beautiful week ahead!


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