Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tulip O'Clock #WordlessWednesdy

Nature has a message for us.
There is always time for tulips.  There is always time to pause and listen to the birds singing, the wind blowing.

There is always time for flowers.

Take a rest from writing.  Join us each Wednesday for a #Wordless Wednesday, brought to us by Esha, the Skygirl, and Natasha Musing.

Why not visit both their sites, link up, and see what other bloggers are offering?


  1. True! We should stop and smell the tulips more often.

    Happy WW!

  2. Yes, a great lesson from tulip. Life is short, appreciate the small things.

  3. I have some beef with tulips. They know what they did.

  4. We need to take the time out for things that are important to us. Thank you for sharing this and for jining us for #ww this week, Alana. Have a fun and relaxed weekend. :)


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