Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Three Plant Mysteries #WordlessWednesday

I need your help, dear reader!

Do you happen to know what any or all of these plants are?  These were all photographed in Binghamton, New York over the last four days.

First up is this mystery bush growing in a yard.  I love it!
Here's a closeup of its flowers.

Mystery #2 is a tree. I suspect is some kind of maple.  What beautiful seedpods.

Our final mystery plant is on the edge of downtown Binghamton.  It could be a weed or maybe not, as there were some hostas planted nearby.  But I've never seen anything like this plant  Weed? Cultivated?

Any guesses?
Wordless Wednesday
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  1. They may be mysteries, but they are beautiful ones. Hope you get some info from someone who knows more than I do. I don't have the information, just the appreciation.

  2. I don't know from plants. Sorry. Hope someone is around who knows.

  3. Your maple has elm leaves but the seed pods look like maple. ?! Try this:

    1. Maybe amur maple? (I think Denise below is right) Thank you both (your page was interesting, too.)

  4. Usually I have pretty good luck with Google image. Not now. The tree is amur maple but I came up empty on the other two plants. My guess is that the small plant is a weed of some sort. As for the shrub, maybe a variety of mock orange? It is lovely. Did it have a scent?

    1. It was in a yard and I couldn't sniff it. Yesterday I saw another one in Binghamton and it seemed to have pinkish flowers. Our mock oranges are towards the end of our blooms - perhaps I can try a nursery. Thanks, Denise.

  5. Now you've got me curious, Alana. I so wish to know what these beauties are?

    Lovely floral shots as always.

    Thank you for linking up.


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