Monday, October 14, 2019

Journeys #MusicMovesMe #blogboost

Welcome, Monday.  Monday means it's time for music!
Who are the #MusicMovesMe bloggers? We are bloggers who blog about music each Monday and if you have music to share with us, you are most welcome to join! (Music Posts Only,  please! They must contain at least music video from You Tube or Vimeo, not just be words about music. Non-music posts are subject to removal or labeling as "No Music".)   First, there is XmasDolly.  Her chief co-conductor is Cathy of Curious as a Cathy. Her other co-conductors are Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, and me. 

This month our guest conductor will be Songbird from Songbird's Crazy World.  This week her theme for us is:  "In honor of Columbus Day, songs about taking a journey.  It can be an actual trip, or a trip into the imagination, or even an emotional journey"

Yes, there are all kinds of journeys.

With the Amboy Duke, featuring Ted Nugent on lead guitar, you can take a 1968 Journey to the Center of the Mind.  Come along if you dare!

How about Deep Purple's Space Truckin'?

If you get an overwhelming urge to jump in your car and drive when you hear this song, could you at least finish reading this blog post first?  Golden Earring's 1973 hit (full version) Radar Love.

Humankind has been traveling on the water for thousands of years, and sometimes things don't go well.  Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", sadly, documents a real disaster.

Steve Earle tells quite a musical story in "Copperhead Road".  Maybe not a "journey" song but it sure is emotional, it has vehicles and the word "road".  I'm going with it.

Last but not least, I am taking you on an actual journey, to hear a group from Mongolia called The HU ("Hu" is their root word for human, translated by some as "Hun") and a song called Yuve Yuve Yu, which has gone viral since its September release.  Their music is a blend of rock (all the musicians hold degrees in music, incidentally) and traditional throat singing and Mongolian instruments.  This is one journey you don't want to miss.

See you next week, same time, same place!

Day 14 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge #blogboost


  1. Wow!! ((big grin)) That sure is a wide range of music genres, smiles. Have a great day friend.

  2. Enjoyed all of these, especially the one by HU.

  3. The Hu is really an interesting addition!

  4. Edmund Fitzgerald is one of my favorites.

  5. Great songs. Love the HU. So very nice.

  6. Wow! Great line-up!
    I actually knew most of these. That new one is awesome!

  7. Wonderful selections today.
    Come by and get your spook on when you can.
    Michelle, Your Crypt Keeper.

  8. Nice to see you here again, Alana. Enjoyed the videos especially the last three.


  9. Alana,

    Yes, I'm on vacation but I have break today, as I get things together for our all day outer to the mountains and wanted to listen to what you're sharing on the dance floor this week. I've heard of all of your mewsician, with the exception of HU. The Mongolian band totally rocks. I might check out more of their stuff on YT after I get back to my normal routine in Blogosphere. Thanks for the share and have a boogietastic week, dearie!

  10. Great list, some I know others I don't. I'm more into country music!

  11. Great mewsic, Alana, we were driving through it with the Amboy Dukes, they're 😺Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday🐾😽💞

  12. All these selections were so great, Alana! But I love Steve Earle best of all. Copperhead Road sounds like it could be any rural area in anyplace!


  13. Thanks for the memories (except for the last one...) I have avoided the first (for political- or is that sanity- reasons), but the rest brought smiles to my face. (I have many friends who were bootleggers!)


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