Friday, January 17, 2020

Spirit of Punta Gorda #SkywatchFriday #blogboost

The weather for sunset wasn't promising, but I had learned my lesson last week, and we went to a park in Punta Gorda, Florida just in case.  Am I glad we did.

There, in a park, we found a statue erected after Punta Gorda survived Hurricane Charley.  It's called "The Spirit to Punta Gorda".

This statue was created in 2005 by artist Peggy McTeague and friends, who welded various pieces of metal, including I-beams from destroyed hurricane trailers.  At the base (you will have trouble seeing it in my photos) there is a sundial, with a shadow at 4:27pm marking the time Hurricane Charley hit the city.
Approaching the statue, which is one upright palm and one bowed down palm separated by a sundial.
I think this one was my favorite.
Here you can see both metal palm trees, with real ones in the near distance.

Just think - Punta Gorda ("Fat Point" in Spanish) remained unbowed despite being hit by a Category four hurricane in August of 2004.

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  1. that statue didn't exist the last time I was in Punta gorda. It's beautiful.

  2. Some very well constructed sculptures, and pretty skies!

  3. Lovely! Are you there now? I'm heading for Florida soon, too. Can't wait!

  4. I love the sculpture, it's meaningful and hopeful and a little haunting (or maybe that's just that you took these pics at sunset).

  5. I love that sculpture. I've only been through one hurricane, Alicia in the mid 1980's when I lived north of Houston, TX. It was a weak hurricane and I lived 100 miles from the coast but it came right on top of my house, considerably weakened of course, and I swore next time I was going to Omaha, Nebraska. It made my trees turn sideways, I lost only one though and suffered no other damage.

  6. Looks great. And a great story.


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