Saturday, February 22, 2020

Washington Our First

Back when I was growing up, today would have been celebrated with a day off from school - George Washington's birthday.

Our first President.

And everything that can be said about him has been said, right?


To get us into the mood:  11 Little Known Facts About George Washington.

I'm enjoying a biography of George Washington called "You Never Forget Your First", A biography of George Washington, by Alexis Coe.

I'm not sure I will finish it, as I don't seem to have the stamina to read a lot of non-fiction right now.  Perhaps, once I retire, that will change.

But there is a lot of fascinating information here, as a good modern biography must explore: his actions towards the enslaved people he owned, the truth about him freeing them when he died (particularly heartbreaking), and his beliefs concerning the abolition of the institution of slavery.  None of this was ever discussed in my history classes back in the 1960's.

There's more, including a fascinating discussion of his false teeth, the lies he told, and the things people believe about him that just aren't true.

The various charts in the book (diseases he suffered from and how he was treated for them, the animals he owned, including his beloved dogs, the battles he fought in) are worth the reading all by themselves.

All in all: a complicated man, this man who was "the father of our country".

Warts and all.


  1. He’s a very interesting person, even without the myths

  2. Thanks for all the info. People tend to bestow sainthood easily.

  3. Sounds like a book I would like. Did the book mention the time he came across a group of soldiers digging a ditch? The leader was screaming at them to dig faster but not bothering to help. George Washington rode up to him in plain clothes and asked the man why he wasn't helping. He said, "Sir. I am a captain."

    Washington got off his horse and helped the men to finish the work. When finished he said, "Next time you have a job to do and not enough men to do it, let me know and I, your commander in chief, will help!"

  4. He was a very complicated man, indeed. Have a great week, ahead, smiles.

  5. I don't do well with non fiction myself. I can only read it when I'm out and about, like at work or in waiting rooms.


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