Friday, May 29, 2020

As it May Glow #SkywatchFriday

We in the Southern Tier of New York State had a long list of weather in May - snow (yes, snow), a heat wave, three freeze warnings, thunderstorms, and later today, a cold front which will cause us to plunge back into cold weather.

May can bring some lovely sunrises and sunsets, too, but for some reason, our sunsets have, for the most part, had a lot of gold in them.

Perhaps May is trying to compete with all the yellow flowers that have bloomed this month.

Memorial Day night started like this, with a band of gold (maybe not that apparent here)

Then things got going.

And into a mini-explosion

I am joining Yogi and other sky watching bloggers at #SkywatchFriday.


  1. We had snow, rain, hail, wind, clouds, blue skies. Stick around for five minutes in Chicagoland area and you will eventually have the weather you like. LOL

  2. Pretty skies, and I hope your cold front isn't too severe. Have a nice weekend!

  3. Beautiful! No one can paint quite like Mother Nature!

  4. Gold in the sky! Perfect title for something.

    Your weather update reminds me of May in Illinois. Same madness.

  5. Love the serenity of sunset pictures. We're actually having a fall day today so weather here has been sporadic too.

  6. I love to watch the sun rise and set. So beautiful!


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