Friday, July 24, 2009

1990's Laptop for Sale!

Yesterday, the local high school (son graduated last year) had their annual "get rid of computer equipment" sale. That would be like a Godiva Chocolate clearance sale for me. Now you have to understand that our house space is a tug of war between my books and my son's obsolete technology collection. I've always been interested in history and he's inherited those genes, but in a technological way.

So what were his finds?

Dear son was looking for a laptop for me. He saw a certain laptop and without looking further knew it was from the 1980's or 1990's- it got into the "regular laptop" (circa 2004) bin and ds saved a woman who was almost ready to buy it. (Maybe she thought it was an oversized Asus EE, who knows.) So ds pounced and got it for $5. I told him they should have offered HIM $5.00 for it. It was an AST 910N laptop, and crammed inside it was a catalog from 1995 which showed the price (then) for this little gem was....well first of course ds made me guess so I tookan educated guess at $4,000. Not off by that far, the price in the catalog was $3,850.

There's an icon for Office on the desktop. Wonder what version it is. Didn't investigate.

It runs Windows 3.1 and I think somewhere ds has a floppy disk with Windows 3.1 on it. (yes. a floppy disk with an operating system on it. What a concept.)

Son's other find was an RCA Camcorder, one of those huge things from around 1988 or so, although I didn't check it out to see what model it was. Right now son is off to try to find tapes for it. Son's comment was "this rocks!" I hope so.

If there is a computer museum somewhere lacking a curator, please write me. Please.

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