Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Facebook - the Dilemma and the Virtual Food Fight

Today, right after logging onto Facebook (because I had a message from a cousin) and then logging right off again, I saw this article online from Newsweek on Facebook and its possible future.

I've got the answer. Because I am never an early adapter, the fact that I joined Facebook recently should be a signal that its days (or months) are numbered.

But seriously...I promised my blog readers a post on my experiences. I'm not ready for that yet.

However, the time may be soon. Because when I logged on I found out I have been hit with lasagna and another cousin wants to involve me in a "food fight".

I went to the app, which is something called "Food Fling". This is something very popular. Some 3,000,000. people out there apparently have nothing better to do than to fling virtual food at their "friends" and vice-versa. And if I don't answer in 24 hours (the invite was yesterday) I lose. Two of my "friends" use this app. So here's a cyberdilemma. I come home from work totally fried and just want to relax before my exercise class, and find this. What do I do now? (is the whine in my blogvoice audible?) Do I just wipe the computer lasagna off my face? Do I join this app, which will also draw info about all my "friends" into the app, and strike back?

I know some will tell me to "lighten up", "just do it". In my case...I think I'd rather write about it in my blog. So that's what I'm doing.

Sorry, cuz.

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