Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This Saturday I made what is probably my last visit to an icon of the Catskill Mountains, Memories.

This store has been around a long time....40 years, I believe.  Now, it is closing its retail business, to concentrate on Internet business.   Or, they may open weekends only during the warmer months.  I hope they do.

The final decision to close (or semi-close)may have come as NY Rt 17 becomes an Interstate, and the part of NY 17 Memories is on will become a mere service road.  Construction has gone on all summer, and the overpasses to come are quite visible now.  The one traffic light between Binghamton and Middletown is counting down to its final days.

Memories has always been a repository of wonderful antiques and reproductions.   And more.  For years they've had a player piano that you can insert a coin and play.  No one has ever purchased it.  It was still there.  As was the antique auto that has been inside the store many years, too.  Lots of nooks, with lots of discoveries around each corner.

I made several small purchases at 60% off but before I left a 1947 LIFE magazine caught my eye.  On the back was a Camel cigarette ad, one of the "4 out of 5 doctors smoke Camels, etc." that are so ironic to the modern eye.  I would have bought it but they wanted $10.  It was in good condition, but I spent that money on a couple of Made in Occupied Japan miniature vases.

Speaking of old ads I ran across this list of "10 ironic ads of all time". Besides the ones we probably all remember (if we are baby boomers) such as the aformentioned doctors endorsing cigarettes, there are gems such as a promotional video for the 1960 Corvair and a James Dean Safe Driving commercial.


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