Friday, February 5, 2010

February is the New January

January 2 was always the date to dread at the Y.  The pool, almost empty of exercisers during the December holidays, was filled almost wall to wall with would be exercisers.  Would be exercisers who didn't realize, for example, that it isn't a good idea in water aerobics to stand 6 inches from your exercising neighbor.  Fortunately for us regulars, most of the "would be's" disappeared in a couple of weeks, along with their resolutions - leaving us, literally, some breathing room.

Not this year.

January dawned not vacant, but not very full.  Thought maybe it was the cold weather.  Then the Y had an open house and some more people showed up.  But it was OK, roomwise.

Then came February 1.

You would have thought someone was giving out free Y coupons. (and maybe someone was.)  Don't know if these people tried the regular gyms with their January joining specials, and gave up, but suddenly now it's almost the most crowded I've seen in years...and I've been doing water aerobics for over 14 years.  So now I'm torn between wanting to tolerate people who are trying, and people who it is just getting harder and harder to dodge away from until they learn how to pace themselves, and how far away they need to stand from the next person. 

Some of these people, from the way they were gasping for air towards the end, hadn't done anything that strenuous in years.  As a people, it really doesn't speak well for us Americans.

I do hope you stay.  I hope I wasn't unconsciously staring with hostility at you.  We all need to stay as active as possible. I am grateful for every bit of activity I can muster up from my aching knee and back nowadays.  Stick with it, and you will have a reward.  Trust me.

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