Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Almost Ready for my Brother in Law's Visit

My brother in law should be bringing my other brother in law up here Thursday.

This will be a very interesting next week and a 1/2.

As I've mentioned before, I have a brother in law with autism, who doesn't live locally.  As far as I know, this will be the first trip he's ever taken (about a 3 hour car ride each way) without his mother along, although he has visited up here maybe 20 times in his life.  And trust me, he remembers each one in great detail.  I'm sure he remembers the asthma attack he had in our house so many years ago.  One time, he asked to eat at a certain restaurant up here because he remembered a particularly attractive waitress.  He likes blondes.  (yes, people with autism DO have those types of feelings.)

He has stayed at my brother in law's a number of times, but never for this long, and again, never without his mother.

For people with autism, anything outside of their normal routine (unless they are prepared carefully, and sometimes not even then) can be very stressful.   We'll just have to take this visit one day at a time.

We don't know yet how much time we (or probably, more like my spouse, due to his work hours) will be spending with him.

Fortunately, (unlike me) my sister in law is very social and interacts very nicely with my brother in law.  She is very smart too, and I am sure will be observing him closely.  Me, I'm the shy type, but I love to research and I'll be wanting to learn in my own way.

There's a lot I want to learn about my brother in law, as I have never interacted with him without my mother in law present (or otherwise near).  Of course, one day she will be gone and this knowledge will be an absolute necessity.  And, I have a firm belief that if I worry what I worry about will not happen - that, instead, something totally off the wall will happen instead.

Whatever happens...I hope it makes for interesting blogging.

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