Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sustainable Agriculture Theme for Earth Day on FarmVille?

No, I haven't heard any rumors yet.  So, I will get one started.

FarmVille (the farming game on Facebook that people love to hate-or love to play) has been releasing a lot of game enhancements recently.  So, why not celebrate Earth Day?  Right now, for Superbowl, there is a Farm Bowl on Farmville, complete with Cheering Chickens, Line Quackers, Football Helmet decorations, and other football themed items.  This is in addition to the Super Pumpkins we have been growing in celebration of a couple of FarmVille milestones.

So for Earth Day why not have (I've suggested some of these before - here goes again)
Solar Panels for farm houses and barns;
Decorative recycling bins;
Native trees and shrubs-how about elderberries and pawpaws, maybe even lowbush blueberries or wild strawberries;
Heritage breed chickens and pigs;

Heirloom tomatoes, peppers, corn or squash;
Organic fertilizer when you fertilize your neighbors' crops

The cows would give organic milk that week.  The hens would lay free range eggs.

How about it, Znyga?

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