Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sun Finally Shines on Longyearbyen, Norway

Finally, the wait is over.

Today:  Monday, February 15.  In Longyearbyen, Norway, the people will celebrate the first sunrise of the year.

Sunrise:  12:08 PM
Sunset:   12:17 PM (yes, a 9 minute day)

What is it like at noon during the 24 hour darkness?  This video on You Tube gives you a good idea, set to wonderful, haunting music. As does this video, complete with views of the Northern Lights.

Does Elderhostel (I know they are not called that anymore, but that is what many people know them as) give tours up there?  (Sigh....)

The Dark Season will be over soon.  On Tuesday the sun will be up nearly two hours.  And then it is uphill from here.  Soon enough, they will have their midnight sun back.

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