Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shopping for a Netbook-Wireless Security?

I am waffling back and forth about getting a netbook for when I go on vacation next.

Up to now I have never owned a laptop, an internet-enabled phone, or a netbook.  My vacations have been email free except when the motel had a public computer.  I never trusted them for use past my "spam" email account (I didn't care if anyone hacked into that-let them have the spam) and some general web browsing, such as using Trip Advisor.

But now I am on Facebook, and am blogging, and I've learned the  hard way about not being able to book accommodations online (it is more expensive if you do by phone, for certain chains.)  And, I've really been more and more leary about using public computers in general. 

So I asked the in house computer expert, my 19 year old son, and after wading through some of his sarcasm, I did get some interesting information from him.  This is a young man who should be earning a living as an internet security person.  I remember him, when touring a technical collegea couple of years ago, him having a nice talk with a professor about this subject, and the professor encouraging him to go into this field.  But he dreads the thought of a desk job.  He doesn't like sitting still.

But I digress.

My son told me that there are security concerns with any kind of public network, and I need to be very careful using free wi-fi provided by a motel.  That would be because I don't know how secure the connection is.  He said I would be better of using (if the motel provides it) a wired connection.

My head was spinning.  Information overload!  Now I don't know what I want to do.  Researching online I find he has valid concerns.  But I wonder what my road warrior friends would think.

Stay tuned

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