Monday, February 22, 2010

Wireless Security, Part Two

After "talking" with some of my road warrior friends/relatives, I am told that (indeed) wireless security is a concern when traveling.

So now what, concerning my intended purchase of a netbook?

One friend said be sure to have security software, which I would have had anyway.   And to be really cautious about doing any transactions requiring a credit card.  However, I would want to sign into various things (including this blog, just maybe) and - obviously I don't want to have my passwords stolen.

Another (who is a professional in the internet field) recommended getting a network card for a nationwide wireless network and paying for prepaid service.  That might be an idea if I could figure out how to install a card.  I checked one such service out and I could actually buy netbooks from them with the card installed.  That may be an idea, if I can get exactly what I want.

Stay tuned.

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