Friday, April 2, 2010

The Binghamton Shooting Anniversary

Binghamton is gearing up for the 1st anniversary of the April 3, 2009 shooting at the American Civic Association on the edge of downtown Binghamton.

This is the statement released by the ACA yesterday, which only just recently moved back into its renovated headquarters.

Our entire community feels this sadness once again.  While I did not personally know any of the victims, I probably crossed paths more than once with the murderer, who frequented the downtown library.  And, someone I know goes to church with a teacher who switched places with another teacher and lives with the understanding that she is alive today-and the teacher she switched places with is not.   May she find peace.  It was not her fault.  It never could have been her fault.

And finally, on that day at work mere blocks away when we hung on every piece of news, comes the memories of a 911 dispatcher.

Did we ever think we would make it onto the national news in this way, as a site of one of the lightning strikes of random violence that plagues our nation?

Tomorrow, we will pause and remember.

May all the families find peace tomorrow.

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