Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Asheville BBQ

Asheville, I am not done with you yet.  It's time to talk some more about its food.

President Obama recently did something we were unable to do during our recent visit to Asheville, NC-eat in a BBQ restaurant called 12 Bones.

May I greatly suggest two things if you ever decide to visit Asheville?  (besides taking a GPS). 

1.  Don't visit on Mondays.
2.  Remember that some of the best restaurants are open only for lunch.

I read about 12 Bones when I was in Asheville, but by then my laptop was broken and the internet connection where we were staying (in their public computer, anyway) was worse than dial-up.

We ate instead in a place called Ed Boudreaux’s BBQ in downtown Asheville.  We lucked into parking right across the street (which, in downtown Asheville, is no mean feat).

I am told this is definitely not your usual North Carolina BBQ place. (for one thing, it was open at night when we stopped by.)  Late at night, things, (we are told) really start to get going.    However, we did not go for the live entertainment and we, in fact, left before it was scheduled to begin.  After all, we had to try to make our way back to our motel on the mobius strip of Asheville interstates.

The one thing I enjoyed was the BBQ Sauce bar.  It featured both vinegar based and mustard based BBQ sauces, of various heat intensities.  As I recall, there were 12 different sauces to try. 

I've read this place is more of a tourist place.  If so, I was a tourist, and I enjoyed the BBQ.

But in Asheville the food is so great, I must return.  So I hope I can visit 12 Bones one day. 

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