Sunday, May 2, 2010

Should I Disable Commenting?

I know I have a couple of friends who read this blog.  Otherwise, it is meant more as an online journal than anything that will ever make Bloggers of Note, or gain 3000 followers.  If I had that many followers I would probably crumble under the pressure of writing to an audience.  Better not to be well known.

Except that, I have apparently become well known to one subset of population, automatic (or other) spambots who attempt to post comments with links to not so nice websites in the middle, or in the end.  Luckily at this point in time it is easy enough to find the links and reject the comment.   A lot of the attempts have some elements in common (which I won't mention) so they are very easy to spot. (that's all I will say on the matter.) But those are the only comments I am getting anymore.  There aren't a lot, but it is getting to be once a week or more and it is a pain to reject them.

So I am thinking of disabling commenting.

Let's see when I get that next spam comment.  If it is in the next week, I may just do it.

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