Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Boulevard of Broken Trees, Revisited

Yesterday spouse and I went down to Long Island for a very quick visit.  We have transitioned, in the last 6 weeks, from a major nor'easter to a spring which has amazed everyone in its potency and earliness.

And now, it is time for summer.  April showers have ended.  It's time for May....heat.

Where I live, it got up to 87 degrees yesterday.  It was actually a little cooler out on "The Island" (as people in New York call it).  The azaleas were in full bloom.  So was a tree with upright purplish flowers (not a lilac, these were trees) which we saw a lot along the road.  I wish I could have stayed longer.

On the Cross Island expressway in Queens, there is a lovely walking/bicycle trail that parallels the expressway for part of its journey to the Throggs Neck bridge.  People were out in droves, enjoying the hot weather.

On the Boulevard of Broken Trees (the Sprain Brook Parkway in Westchester County) leaves hide much of the damage of the March storm but it is still very evident.

Let's hope we don't get severe weather today, on our way home.  My sympathies go out to the people in Mississippi and Arkansas who have felt the lash of severe weather in the past week.  I used to live in Arkansas, so I have "been there".  Luckily I never had to "do that".

And we missed, by several hours and a few miles, the incident last night in Times Square.  May my family in New York City cope with this latest fear.

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