Sunday, May 30, 2010

Facebook for All Generations?

Spouse and I are at his Mom's house right now.  After a nice dinner, one of her neighbors came over for dessert.

We got to talking about Facebook.  It's funny how at first my mother in law and the neighbor both (both are senior citizens - one in her 70's and one in her 80's) don't want to have much to do with Facebook.  But they were interested in looking at my account.  And then I started to get the requests....

Look up this person, look up that turned into a fun evening.

We had quite an experience with the son of a former neighbor of theirs.  We knew he had gone to Hollywood and been in a couple of movies.  Using the Internet Movie Database we found out this former neighbor boy had done both movies and TV.  Moving on to You Tube, we were able to see several clips of him in action.  Finally, a search revealed he had opened up a couple of restaurants out on the West Coast, although he ended up selling them.

However, we never did find him on Facebook.  Nor did we find several other people.

Just about then, we looked out the window and one of my spouses' cousins was walking up the driveway.  She lives in another state but had come by to see her grandmother and help her plant.  She is my friend on Facebook.  So I teased my mother in law and said after she left, I would post a status update.

We had a great visit and after she left, I did post a status update.  A few minutes later my mother in law came over and I showed her the post on Facebook.

I still don't think my mother in law is ready for Facebook, but I think she will be curious to see what our other relatives will think of the post.