Tuesday, May 25, 2010

She Ain't No Ant of Mine

Two weeks in a row.

We use large outdoor pots for some of our annuals.

Last week spouse started to prepare one of the pots.  He dug in....and brought out a wad of ants.  Ants with wings, ants carrying little white things.  They were crawling all over him.

He had struck an ants nest.  Luckily they were small, non aggressive ants.

This had never happened, in all our years of using pots.

This week....do I learn?  No.  I dig into another pot.  Brought out a wad of ants.  Ants who were not happy.  Ants who were all over me, dazed and confused.  But a couple regained their composure enough quickly enough to bite me.   I have a couple of bumps to prove it.  Ouch.

Somewhere there is a "wanted" poster in a couple of relocated ant nests, with our pictures on them.

It's not a good thought.