Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tired Sunday

Today: transplanting, planting, repotting house plants.  Spouse doing all the "heavy lifting", thank heavens I have him.  I never could have done it with out him.

I still have a couple of bee balm plants to put out.  And some impatiens I got from Burpees.  Very high quality mail order plants, by the way.

Tomorrow, spouse will take tomato and pepper plants to our community garden-just in time for temperatures to start hitting the 90's.

Summer has come (probably).

As for me: I have to investigate one of those "benches" I used to see elderly people gardening with.  I think I need something like that between my back and my knee.  Both of which, incidentally, are not thanking me this evening.

Meantime, I never did do any of the organizational work I wanted to do for the caretaking log, etc. for my mother in law.

I looked up back when I did some gathering of information and - I am so embarrased to see when the last time I updated things was, I won't even mention it.  Well, I know some of the information is the same.

Some of it has changed a lot, some in a very interesting way.  So where have I been? 

At least this caretaking isn't an emergency situation-yet.  Another "thank heavens" for that.

Sigh. Not enough hours in the day.