Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Big Day of Gardening

Today, while my back yelled at me, we had our annual Gardening Day.

Set up a couple of hanging baskets;
Planted impatiens in front planters;
Watered a bunch of transplants spouse set;
Helped (mostly by looking) my spouse plant tomatoes in an Earthbox in the back.

As for spouse-he did a lot of transplanting.  Out went an Alternathera "party time", a gizzard plant, the variegated basil I wrote about last week, a "Cape Mallow" Anisodontea x hypomandarum plant, and some perennials including a foam flower plant, a lenten rose (which we fell in love with when visiting Asheville).  And, he switched the position of our compost bin. 

Tomorrow, in between preparing a caretaking care log and trying to prepare for our visit to our mother in law's next week, we will do some more back yard work. We have heirloom snapdragons to plant, also heirloom nasturtiums and a bunch of "normal" annuals.

Meanwhile, the "early spring" continues.  We have bearded iris and rhododendron blooming - they started several days ago.  These are plants that normally don't come out until the beginning of June.  Also, in the wild arena, what I think is dame's rocket is blooming and I've never seen it bloom in May before.