Sunday, June 13, 2010

Binghamton Farmers Market 1 State Government 0

With all the excitement of the "Binghamton High School Food Fight" and the dinosaur vandalism I never posted on the opening of the Binghamton farmers market.

This is an urban farmers market, smaller than it deserves to be.  It is held Tuesdays and Friday mornings and a mix of urban residents - all races, many ethnic groups, seniors, office workers, students, and more, come to help support our local Farmers.

For the opening, farmers were featuring local strawberries, honey, peas, and greens, plus locally grown meat.

The perfume of freshly picked strawberries was such a nice edition to downtown Binghamton.

The one bittersweet part is that Southern Tier Celebrates had to close, but we will still  have the Brown Bag music series this year (Fridays) due to other budgeting.  But now on to our next crisis.   Our state government may be shutting down next week.

Stay tuned for that, and for the next few days I will start bringing you some photos of happier times earlier this year when we were not in New York State.

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