Saturday, June 12, 2010

Extreme FarmVille

FarmVille's first birthday is June 19. (If I have to explain FarmVille to you, it means you are one of the 17 people left in this country that haven't become addicted to this farming game on Facebook).  There's lots of speculation as to what will happen on June 19.

(FarmVille for the benefit of those 17 people, is a farming game you play with other Facebook friends.  You plant and harvest crops, to earn "coins".  You band together in co ops to grow crops cooperatively.  You send each other gifts.  You hold barnraisings (of sorts).   You buy some things with coins.  You, if you are into this kind of thing, decorate your farm with items you can buy with something called "FarmVille Cash" which either you earn (difficult) for with real money.  Or you can use the cash for limited edition animals, or for other things.)

Some people think that the game will add new levels (currently the most you can achieve is "level 70".  Or farm expansions will be added so everyone will have room for their Tuscan Villas, observatories, hot air balloons, pinwheels, wedding gazebos, biplanes, gnomes, topiaries, miniature Leaning Tower of Pisas, Taj Mahals, schoolhouses, colored hay bales and other necessities of the modern Farmville farm.


Here's what I think will happen.

Zynga hasn't captured one vital audience for online games-the teen and early 20 year old boys and young men who play lots of video games already.

My son, for example...I don't know what he thinks about Mom playing FarmVille, but it isn't too complementary.

Hence, I think that Zynga, creator of FarmVille (and other games) will roll out.....Extreme FarmVille.  Here's how it will work.

It's a beautiful day on the farm.  Sun shining, crops growing.

Suddenly, from ominous rumble.  The aliens land.  Stomping across the peaceful fields, they open fire with their massive weapons.  Barns burst into flames.  Turkeys, elephants, reindeer, and penguins (don't ask) scatter.

But the teenage boys playing the game, they aren't daunted. Creating military avatars, they fire back using special edition guns purchased in the Market.  Down go the aliens.

Just in time for the huge hailstones to start raining down.

Quickly the teens band together with a 5th level magician (150 FV Cash) who casts a spell and the hailstones melt.  The crops spring back into place using Unhail Spray (3 FV Cash).

It's almost time to harvest when.... the dragon comes and starts stomping the farms.  Then, more hideous screams. The vampires are coming....

Well, you get the picture.

So, Lexilicious, what do you think?

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