Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food Fight Times at Binghamton High

Ah....exercise walking at lunch.  Always an adventure.

My walking companion and I were walking on the side of the river opposite of downtown just before noon today when we saw a couple of different groups of teenagers.  I wondered if Binghamton High (which is on the edge of downtown) had had an early dismissal.  We normally do not see students on that side of the river - there are no eating places where we walk.

Well, there was an early dismissal, sort of.  To be exact a food fight that spilled into nearby streets, and led to 9 arrests.  Allegedly, at one corner, nearly 100 students gathered.  Teachers and police both were victims of the violence. And this led to the end of the school day for many, but not all, of the high school because of a lockdown.  Those out for lunch couldn't get back in.  Those still in the school couldn't leave.  Hence the students we saw in residential neighborhoods across the river.

What a way to celebrate the day before the end of classes.

Who says Binghamton is boring?

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