Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why I "Will" Relay

One of the American Cancer Society's main fundraisers is a nationwide event called Relay for Life.  It is a 24 hour event, symbolizing that cancer takes no time out to sleep.  The least we can do is field a team to walk for 24 hours, and raise money and awareness at the same time.

This is my fourth year of participating.  Our team captain is a very involved woman, a cancer survivor, who fights tirelessly.

Why do I Relay?  Why does anyone Relay?  Well, a blog I stumbled upon today (using the "next blog" link) symbolizes why.  The blog I speak about today was written (and I do mean "was") by a young man who lived in Syracuse, who was diagnosed at age 29 with a rare heart cancer.  Syracuse is only a little more than an hour away from where I live in the Triple Cities.  It is called Will's Road to Recovery.

It wasn't.  What the blog is (or was) is a testament to a life cut short way too soon.  What a voice this young man had.  He still had so much to say.  So much to do.  So much to live.

THAT is why I Relay.

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