Sunday, June 6, 2010

No, it isn't Jurassic Park! It's Binghamton NY!

Herewith, are the rest of the dinos I found the night of June 4, courtesy of hART of BC.  And guess what!  There is finally a map up on the website, so I have some of the names now.

 This first one, the HART of Steel, I couldn't get a good shot because there were so many people around it.  This is from a local electrical contractor, features flashlights for eyes, and had solar panels for a couple of its bumps. (not visible.)

This next one, by the Broome County Library, tells us to "Eat Well Be Well".  This is "BC Eat Fresh".
This dino is by B-Mets Stadium (our minor league ball park - a AA Mets franchise).  I took two shots, one to better highlight the construction BC dude, complete with goggles.  The name is "Building with hART".

This is the famous "stolen dinosaur" (stolen by a young man in his 20's, and recovered) but the BC rider was ripped off and the dinosaur is damaged.

And finally, BC Rides again.  I enlarged this one so you could see the mosaic work on it, courtesy of Susan Jablon Studios. (this is a famous mosaic designer we are lucky enough to have living in our area.)

Not all the dinosaurs are up yet.  I promise (well, maybe) to bring you some more soon.