Sunday, October 24, 2010

Alice Cooper on the Golf Course and other Snipits of Triple Cities Life

Here, in no particular order, are some word snapshots of life here in the Southern Tier of Upstate NY during October, 2010.  I'd love to know how October was for those in other parts of the country.

The Circus Comes to Town:  Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to town and we working in downtown Binghamton are treated to the circus unloading elephants and lions.

Alice Cooper Plays Golf:  seen on the golf course at En Joie, rocker Vincent Furnier, aka Alice Cooper, plays with the mother of someone involved with the Endicott Performing Arts Center (EPAC).  He ends up inviting two people involved with EPAC to meet with him backstage at his concert with Rob Zombie.  Wish I had some photos of that!

The Battle of the Marching Bands, (high schools, that is) a Binghamton Columbus Day tradition:  I took lunch early and enjoyed several of the bands, including Johnson City, Vestal, and Whitney Point, marching down Main Street.  After the parade, everyone mingles on Water Street for food and entertainment. (but not me, back to work I had to go....)

The Ithaca Art Trail: at a later date, I will post on that.  Yes, I know it isn't the Triple Cities, and maybe one of these days we will get our own Art Trail.   I didn't bring my camera this time like I did last year, so I'll have no photos this time.  Actually wish I had bought them, especially when I talk about the mosaic guitars.

Good news for Johnson City:  this one also deserves its own blog post.  Have my work cut out.

and, last but not least:

First Friday, featuring a new exhibit at our local museum on Trees....with one special tree, which I will try to write about.

Fall continues....and only a week to Halloween.  And only a week to November.

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