Saturday, October 23, 2010

Muslims Wearing Things

Sometimes someone starts the right blog at the right time.

It was on BoingBoing, in case you are wondering how I discovered it.

My regular readers know I don't get excited about blogs I stumble upon too often.  This is an exception.

After the controversies of this week over the firing of one J. Williams (which I do have an opinion on, but the purpose of this blog is not to get political) this new blog answers the timely question:  exactly what is Muslim garb?  How can we easily tell a Muslim from a non-Muslim through their clothes?

So this new Muslins Wearing Things blog seeks to inform the public as to official and unofficial Muslim garb.  And make a few good points along the way.

I will be interested in seeing where this goes.  Will anyone learn what this blog is trying to educate us to?  Or will it drown in a sea of hatred?  Especially as the writer has a "ask me anything" link: wonder how long that will last.  Will he or she post the questions, with answers?  I can't wait to see.

I hope this blog lasts for a while because it is awesome.  But two comments....
1.would be nice to see more picture of females - because so much of the ignorant beliefs seem to center around women...
2.  How do we get the ignorant to read that blog in the first place?

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