Thursday, October 21, 2010

Winter Closes In

Wet snow is in the forecast tonight.
It's 6:10 pm and it's getting dark.

Winter is closing in.

It isn't here yet. We've had one light frost at our house (although, where my son lives at a higher elevation, he's had several.)  The trees are turning in dribs and drabs.  I think the dry summer had something to do with it.  In between each burst of color, strong winds have been coming, and tearing off the leaves before their time.  In other words, we haven't had a good color season.

Pumpkins are plentiful.  The apple harvest is proceeding nicely.  Hot cider beckons.  Halloween is almost here.

But still.....

The strong winds have a chill.  The clouds are getting that "winter" look.  Soon enough, that wet snow will be sticking, making us slide and shiver.  (Kids have another view, but that's besides the point.)

We can't hold it back.  Winter is closing in.

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