Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red is the Color of The Season....So why not a festival?

Earlier this year I blogged about the Macon Cherry Blossom festival and how great it would be for the Binghamton area to have some kind of local spring blooming festival.  Well, maybe not.  My letter to the editor of the paper never got published and I've since read about the money Macon actually loses on the cherry blossom festival, when all is said and done. spouse and I got to thinking about a fall foliage festival.  Not Vermont-style, where people crowd the roads to rubberneck.  Instead, something more in-town urban.  This could be combined with other fall festival staples to make something very nice.

Every year spouse and I rate which fall color has given the best show. This is so dependent on the weather but it seems every year one particular color shows out more than normal.  Some years it is yellow, some years orange, some years-red.

This year red wins.  Such brilliant Japanese maples and "burning bushes" caught our eyes walking on the West Side of Binghamton this evening, I wished for about the 280,000th time that I had a cell phone camera.

Meantime, spouse had a thought.....what if the streets of downtown Binghamton were lined with shrubs like Euonymus alatus?  Or other foliage trees?  (Sadly, probably now Japanese Maples-they can be as expensive as they are beautiful).   Timing would be uncertain but it already is for the DC and Macon Cherry Blossoms.   And, knock on wood, it hasn't snowed here in October in a while-in fact there hasn't been a killing frost yet in a lot of places in Binghamton.

Downtown Binghamton already has July Fest so an October Fest of Fall Foliage wouldn't be out of the question.  Combine it with some music (music, new this year to July Fest vastly increased attendance for July Fest over past years) and it would be another way to attract people back to downtown. And even without a festival, if we plant beautiful trees...well downtown ends up with beautiful trees - which we hope the vandals won't take to decorate their dor....I mean, apartments, with.

So how about it folks?  If you don't want a spring blossom festival, how about a fall foliage festival?  Or at least mass plantings of trees?

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