Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cataracts, Heart Attacks, and Scoliosis

I didn't want to turn my recent ramblings on the Ithaca Art Trail to turn into one of those "I did this I did that" things - zzzzz.  So instead, I will talk about an artist whose studio we visited on the Trail this year.

Her name is Felicia Poes and she runs a small mosaics studio in Interlaken, NY called We Be Tilin'. shared her love of mosaics with my spouse and I.  Outside her studio (which is now closed for the winter), were various clay pots with mosaics applied.  It was just the beginning of a marvelous collection.

We spent quite a while enjoying, in particular, her collection of mosaic guitars.  The guitars are works of art-not playable art but - the link above has a link to pictures of some of these guitars - and these pictures on her website don't even begin to do her justice.

My spouse, who majored in geology, enjoyed her collection of various stones, which she incorporates into her art.  Mosaics isn't just shattered glass and pots glued onto stuff.  It is so much more, especially for Felicia Poes.

Which is where the cataracts, heart attacks and scoliosis come in.

One of her mosaics incorporated a bicycle chain in a pattern that to me (I have scoliosis) resembles...well, scoliosis.  I forget what the work of art was called, but I joked with the artist that if she ever needed to see a chiropractor, perhaps she could barter the picture for chiropractor services.  This, though was the true beauty of her mosaics....the element of recycled material.  Other of her art pieces....well, they involved heart attacks and cataracts.  You will just have to use your imagination.

If you are interested in video of some of the various studios:  click here.

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