Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Last Hurrah-Rhododendrons

I had meant to post this yesterday.  But Blogger would not cooperate.  I could not upload photos. Now the glitch has been fixed.  But it does make me wonder how much longer I should stick with Blogger.

At any rate, it's working.  And so, a day or so late....the last hurrah of Binghamton's rhododendrons.

My spouse and I took an exercise walk today and almost all of the rhododendrons were spent. There were a couple of specimens in the shade that still looked good.  I wish I had a camera with me because one was not the usual pink/purple color (above, taken Sunday) you seem to find in this area.  It was a darker purple.

But, in addition to the usual purple, I found, right in my neighborhood, a lilac colored specimen.

And that's it until next year.

Now, the roses are taking over, along with various annuals.   For a brief time we will have peonies too.

This bed isn't in full bloom yet, but is probably the largest peony bed in this area that I know of.  This isn't all of it, but I don't have a wide angle lens.

Tomorrow (if Blogger cooperates)....a "Walk on the Wild Side".

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