Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Will Binghamton Be a Championship Town Tonight?

So many setbacks....and the one time Binghamton gets into the national news it is due to a mass shooting in April of 2009.  (no, wait, another time-it was probably when we had major floods back in 2006.)

Or maybe a third time, the Binghamton Salt Babies tragedy of 1962.

Now we have something to celebrate - after tonight, the American Hockey League Binghamton Senators may be the winners of this year's Calder Cup.

Parties start everywhere around 7:15 pm.

Some people underestimate the power sports have to unite a population. But I saw that firsthand, years back, when I had the opportunity to live in Texas and Arkansas.  In both areas, high school football is a very powerful force.  Here, our "burnt out industrial town" needs all the good news we can get.  It needs a lot of unity. This event may provide it - even if we don't win.

Binghamton has never had a championship hockey team.  On certain streets in Binghamton, "Go B-Sen" signs have sprouted.  A certain local radio drive-time radio announcer (I heard this second hand from a fan this morning) expressed hopes that a certain building in downtown Binghamton, which has colored light displays on its upper floors and has been known to employ special event colors, might light up in red (B-Sen color) tonight.

If we win....tonight and tomorrow will be happy indeed.  And, perhaps we all will be wearing red.  Just in time for the temperatures to hit 95 degrees tomorrow, the B-Sen fans will heat up the town tonight.

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