Monday, June 6, 2011

Peony Spring

In the never ending saga of Blogger, I've been having trouble uploading photos the past three days.  Tonight, the photo upload function is apparently (according to the site) down for maintenance.

So my regularly scheduled post (which would have needed photos to carry the story) will not be posted.  Perhaps it will give me more time to decide
a.  If I want to defect to WordPress and/or
b.  If I want to continue my experiment in being a garden/photo blog.

So tonight, I will take a different tack.  Instead of photos a haiku: (not a traditional haiku, a shame since peonies have symbolism in the Eastern world.  But I am as much a beginner at haiku as I am in garden blogging.)  Peonies are blooming here in the Southern Tier of New York, just in time for a heat wave.

Peony blossoms
Welcome spring into summer
As thunderstorms brew

Peonies never seem to last for long here in the Binghamton, NY area.  By the time they start to bloom, it seems the heat comes.  Or, the rains.  Or both.  For some reason, they seemed to do a lot better in Wichita, Kansas (where I lived for several years) than they do here.

I don't have any peonies but several neighbors do.  If Blogger cooperates, I will post some photos later this week.

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