Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Flood Flowers of 9/11/11

When we arrived home on 9/11/11 to see our flooded neighborhood for the first time (we were out of town when the floods hit) I was thrilled to see our front yard had been spared. 

Here are our flowers, still in bloom.  I am going to feature these on the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on 9/15 even though the pictures were not taken on that day.

These red dahlias were given to us by a friend in 1989, a year before she passed away from cancer. These are very precious to me.

I already forgot what these are.  I've never grown them before and they have bloomed all summer for me.  The torrential rains did not phase them at all.  Wish I could say the same about my "sky blue" lilac petunias, which apparently are now history.

Our garlic chives are also thriving.

And one last surprise, our mounding basil in full bloom in a pot (a couple of sedum flowers pinking up are also in the picture.)

Our yellow flowered bleeding heart is still in bloom too. 

Our avocado "tree" (started from a pit several years ago and not always happily residing in a pot) was very happy, as was our poinsettia plant from last Christmas.

It's going to be a hard haul for a lot of people in our community - but we still have flowers.

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  1. Accidentally closed the window without checking to be sure my comment went through. Here it is again: Keep us posted on your progress. Wish I could help in some way or another. Even though we can't physically be there, we'll try to help in other ways.


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