Monday, September 12, 2011

One More Time

Please excuse this one last flood post but this blog has become a way of communicating with a couple of people I know who are not on Facebook or Twitter.

(and speaking of Facebook and Twitter, I should do a blog post on how they helped with us being so far away and trying to keep in touch with the latest in our area.)

So...Taking a break from cleanup.  My son (who has to go to work at 10pm) is here, with a friend who just got back from his evacuation, and they are cleaning the basement walls.

The neighborhood diesel smell is improved.

It now appears, besides the water in the basement (now drained) that we got water in one of our interior 1st floor walls.  We will need to tear out and see how extensive, but the basement damage first.  Thank heavens we are on vacation from work this week.  Flood cleanup is not my #1 way of spending a vacation but it beats trying to work and clean up at the same time.  And I suspect it still would have been a not-fun commute to work today.

Life will go on.  My boss called me this morning to make sure I was OK. We rescheduled dental appointments we were supposed to have today.  A co worker offered me fans and even invited us to come to her house (and considering that she had flood damage too, that is quite an offer) after work if I needed a break.

At some point spouse and I are going to drive around just to change the scenery and go to the supermarket (after we feed these very hungry young adults helping us out), as we start to return to a more normal life.

When I get my laptop going (for some reason it isn't connecting to my home network) I will post some photos - of something else.  I promise.  Like maybe the flowers in my front yard.  And how some plants survived (or didn't survive) the deluge.

Thank you for sticking with me during this interesting period of my blogging career.


  1. Sorry Alana that you are dealing with this crisis. Take good care. Wishing you and everyone up there a quick recovery.

  2. The only way I could find out anything in Vermont for the first two days was via FB. And that's how my sister told everyone she was OK. We were following a couple of bloggers in her town and local newspapers on line because there was virtually no info elsewhere nationally. So yes, thank heaven for FB. Also is the main way a lot of communication is taking place here in Wisconsin re the political scene.


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