Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Color Saturday

I searched far and wide today for fall color - all the way from my home in the Binghamton, NY area to the Stevensville/LeRaysville, Pennsylvania area about an hour away - and ended up finding the best color not that far from my home.

That isn't saying a lot, though - this year, the color is uneven - and, far from the best.  Adding to my frustration, we had very thick clouds today - and it seemed to get colder as the day progressed.

There was some nice color here and there, especially the yellow trees.

This is an example of what I mean by "spotty":  feet apart, a tree "past peak", a tree just starting to turn, and trees that are still green.

On a day like this it can get a bit depressing - but then I think about how others in this country have burnt up lawns and not the lush green we have (from too much rain, but still....)  And, we don't have to travel hours to see color - we just step outside our doors and look at the hills.

Maybe in a few days we will see a lot better color.  These two trees, just starting to turn, look promising.

In the meantime, my "guest photographer" has provided me with some fall color pictures from a recent trip to Massachusetts, and I hope to post these sometime next week.

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  1. Yes, the color has been spotty and uneven this fall. Quite a few of our trees lost a lot of leaves with Irene's winds in late August, so they are half bare, half ablaze with color. Also, we've had very few brilliantly sunny days to highlight the color that is there. Just a weird year.


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