Friday, October 21, 2011

The Glamour of Ordinary

Just an ordinary act by a more than ordinary woman.

Last Saturday, singer Maureen McGovern (of "The Morning After" fame) visited my neighborhood.  She was in town to give a concert.  She was here because, after our floods in September, a fan contacted her and asked her to come.

What a class act.  She came because a fan asked her to come.  We needed her.

And not only that, but she toured the flood-affected neighborhoods. She just didn't breeze into town, perform, and leave.  She came, not looking like a glamour photo, but as herself.  Just like someone you might find at your water aerobics class, or at the grocery.  She spent time with someone whose life was turned totally upside down on September 8.

Compare her photo in the link above to the photo in this article about her upcoming concert. 

Look in a dictionary for the definition of glamour:   Maureen McGovern, you don't have to make yourself up.  You are special just the way you are.

Glamour (noun)
  1. The attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special:


  1. Couldn't get your links to work, but I didn't need the photos to understand the importance of this woman's visit to your town. Classy.

  2. Jackie, I tested my links before I posted but when I went back after you commented - you are right, none of them worked. I googled the links and redid them (and even added another one). Thank you for alerting me to the problem.


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