Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

 I was hoping to have a lighthearted blog post for a change, but this Halloween finds much of the Northeast recovering from a record October snowstorm.  I had reported on Saturday that various family members were without power.  This is still true for many of them, including my mother in law and a developmentally disabled brother in law who lives with her.  We are fortunate that other relatives, who are also without power but have a generator, are going to come and get my mother in law and brother in law, and take them to their house in New Jersey.  It will probably be days before her power is restored.  Some areas got up to 19 inches of snow, which would have been bad enough if the trees had been bare.  Instead, they still had leaves and tree limbs and trees are down everywhere.

We were, thankfully, spared.  So, I'd still like to bring you my intended post.

Sunday, the day before Halloween, we woke up to a dusting of snow.  At the airport, we got just under 2 inches, which means we have drawn first snow in the Golden Snowball Competition of 2011-12.  Since the snow has melted, I've decided to use some pictures from early this morning to get into the true wint...I mean, Halloween spirit.

Above, my Snowy Scarecrow.

My dead pineapple sage looks just a little spooky in the early morning light.

Snow on the pumpkins.
Stop ! In the name of snow...

A weeping cherry weeps over the arrival of winter.

Happy Halloween to all, and please wish the Northeast United States a speedy recovery from still another weather disaster.


  1. Great pictures. It always amazes me to see fall color with snow. Esp. living in Florida. I do pray your mom in law and bro in law are warm and well cared for.

  2. Hope the NE sees better weather and a calm winter after everything lately!

    Love the snowy scarecrow.

    Keeping you and yours in my thoughts, as always!


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