Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BAE Leaving My Neighborhood Due to the Flood

It was not unexpected.  But it is a blow nevertheless.

BAE, a major employer in my neighborhood, is leaving due to the flood.  Whether they are going to stay here in the area or pull up stakes all together may be the other shoe getting ready to drop.

These pictures were taken on September 12.  The first picture shows the restoration company that has been working there since at least the flood waters receded on September 9-10 and snowplows came through, scooping up layers of silt and flood debris left on the street.   It's hard to see in the second photo, but there is still silt all over the place at this point.

This sign (photo taken on the one month flood anniversary) is pretty ironic, given that people more or less knew at that point that they weren't returning.

Today, I saw electricity on in most of the building for the first time.

It hurts to hear the news officially, because until now, there was always hope.

To the people who use the bus stop in front of the facility (a lot of them Aldi shoppers - see my other post for today) BAE always did a great job at snow removal.  That's really important in an area that gets 80-100 inches of snow a year.  Now the sidewalk will be an icy mess in the next few (or fewer) weeks.

After all that work to restore the property.....

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