Friday, November 4, 2011

The Tooth and Audioclassic Dinosaurs

The post below from 2010 is still my all time popular blog post.  Although the hART of BC project (started by the late cartoonist Johnny Hart's grandson, who is carrying on the BC comic strip that inspired this art event) came to a halt when unknown vandals started damaging the dinosaurs, these dinosaurs still have a place in, heart. 

I'd like to showcase this piece of happier days in Binghamton, as we face some of the biggest challenges our area has known. 

Earlier this year, I tried to find out whatever happened to the dinosaurs, and wasn't successful.  But I am happy to report that I have found two of the dinosaurs.  And, hopefully, the outdoor one will NOT be vandalized - the fate of so many of the dinosaurs in the original post below.

The first dinosaur is in front of a business on Old Vestal Road in Vestal called Audio Classics - and may I add that you don't have to live locally to patronize this business.  They are top notch - please visit their website and support one of our awesome local businesses!

The other dinosaur is inside a dental practice in Johnson City and I tried my best to take a picture.  It has Halloween cobwebs on it, but you can see the dinosaur, decorated with smiles and toothbrushes.

And now, the post from 2010. 

Binghamton Does Dinosaurs!

Here are some other hART of BC dino sightings in and around downtown Binghamton, yesterday evening.

This first one-yes, it's a medical dino - comes to us courtesy of the Ladies Auxiliary of the local hospital.

This next one is one of my favorites.  Very simple but elegant.  The "coin" dinosaur.  (the bumps are pennies) in just the right location..
The "apartment building" 'saur.  And the "money" dinosaur.  The first is in front of the Broome County Courthouse (called GRRRR Hart) and the second (Hart on the Range) in front of Metrocenter (a failed downtown shopping mall, now converted to offices.)  For the latter, this dinosaur may represent the parking at Metrocenter - which if I remember correctly, is $20 to discourage the unfortunate office workers of downtown from daring to even TRY to use THEIR parking lot. 
So, what's next? (and the last for tonight).  A musical dinosaur.  Brought to us by Rogers and HART? (couldn't resist.)  This baby is called the Philhartmonic.

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