Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Honor Roll

More businesses are reopening, here in upstate NY, after the devastating floods caused by Tropical Storm Lee.  Some had to make hard decisions to reopen, but have decided to give it another go.

Our area faces some hard decisions - things we may have to do to prevent another flood.  Because if we do get another flood, I fear (and I am not being melodramatic here) that our Triple Cities may not be able to recover.  Our elected officials MUST pay attention and not hide their heads in the flooded sand.

I wanted to spot light some of the reopening businesses.

Yesterday - Christmas Tree Shop reopened.
This is in a "temporary location".  My guess is, it isn't going to be temporary.  But at least they are open.

On Friday, Five Below reopens, in the same plaza as Christmas Tree Shop vacated.  This entire plaza is rethinking its existence.  Another store, Petco, is relocating elsewhere.

Aldi, the market in my neighborhood of Westover, had its soft opening on Tuesday and will have the full grand reopening on Friday.

Back in October, Tops Market had reopened in devastated Owego.  Other Owego businesses are reopening in the "coolest small town in America". I haven't spoken about Owego's struggles because I am concentrating on the flood recovery closer to my home neighborhood, but let's just say their struggles are epic.

Next week, Binghamton Restaurant Week finally takes place.  That was supposed to be in September and was postponed, and not all of the participating restaurants are open yet here in November.  One, Number 5, located in a historic firehouse, had considered not opening but so many of their customers begged them to return, that they are trying their best.  Another, Whole in the Wall, is in another historic building.

And finally, I must mention the YMCA in Johnson City. which has faced both flood and flames since September 7.  Right now they are still closed, finding the fire they suffered in October harder to recover from.  How they are going to pay for these two disasters is behond me, but their CEO is doing an excellent job of keeping spirits high.

So many unsung heroes our community depends on.  Let us honor these businesses and non-profits.

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  1. It's nice to see you love your community enough to honor them with a post and give them some credit for overcoming such a large disaster. It's important to keep letting us know how long-lasting these things can be. Those of us who don't experience flooding like this need to know others do. Thank you.


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