Monday, February 6, 2012

Prison time for badly written Newspaper Headlines

No, no one is facing prison time for usage of the English language. But some one may want to rethink this headline.

Until I started to blog, I used to "poo poo" the proper usage of the English language.  Now, when I see something like the headline the above link brings you to, I wince.

What the article in question was really trying to say was that a woman was convicted of a crime.  She was facing prison time - and THEN she was killed in a car accident.

This has been up since January 31.

I realize that newspaper headline writing is an art.  The writers must conform to certain rules their paper sets up and must be mindful of certain space constraints.  (Bloggers are fortunate - we can do just about any kind of headline we want to do.)

I am hoping that my daily blogging allows me to work on improving my writing skills so I never make a similar mistake.  My plan involves Dave Barry, my late mother and...well, you'll just have to wait for that little story.

Thank you, This is True (a very worthwhile newsletter, blog and web site), for posting this on your Facebook page.

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