Sunday, February 5, 2012

Civil War Sunday - Indianapolis and the Civil War

Since today is the first Super Bowl to be held during the commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the United States Civil War, I wondered if any other Civil War bloggers were visiting Indianapolis, and would be posting on the topic of Indianapolis (site of the Super Bowl), visiting civil war sites or memorials, and then blogging about it.

Happily - Yes!

(For those in other countries reading about the Superbowl - it is a football championship game here in the States, which is more of a party time for everyone, football fan or not.  Since one of the two teams is a NY team, people are really excited here in upstate New York, despite the fact that you find more Buffalo Bills fans here than Giants fans - but never mind that.  It is, especially, a day to eat the most unhealthy foods imaginable - especially chicken wings (well, those did originate in Buffalo) prepared all different types of ways, and most of them involving frying), guacamole, chips of all types, beer...oh wait, I was supposed to be blogging about the Civil War.  (the game starts in about 2 hours, by the way, and I haven't even hit the beer yet.)


I thank John Bank's Civil War Blog over at Civil War Talk for doing the heavy lifting for me - talking about his visit to Indianapolis and the Super Bowl , and, while he was there, visiting the Indianapolis Civil War Monument.  

John Banks may work in sports (ESPN) but I looked at his blog a little and he is doing a really good job.  I hope you enjoy my Civil War blog posts, too.  I'm not a heavy Civil War buff, but I enjoy history, and I've been incorporating Civil War themes in my travels the last few years.  (More on my coming 2012 trip in the next weeks....), especially the "off the beaten path" kind of facts.

Are you looking forward to visiting any Civil War sites in the coming year?  And, are you enjoying a special Superbowl party tonight?  (anyone doing both?)

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  1. Well at our house my son is routing for the Giants, I am routing for getting the rest of my weekend chores done before Monday and my sweetie is routing for the cheerleaders. All, sadly, with no beer in the house.... Hope you're enjoying the game that is currently 19-17....


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