Tuesday, February 14, 2012

True Love in the Time of Zombies - A Valentine's Day Story

What does true love mean to you?  Sometimes it means tolerating your spouse's latest craze in reading...and its consequence.

I am reading a book called World War Z, by Max Brooks.  Yes, I have recently gotten into zombies, at least somewhat modern zombies.  World War Z is a serious book, written by an admirer of the late Studs Terkel.   Brooks has done an extensive study of politics, of geography, of military science, to come up with a story of what would happen if a worldwide virus plague hit, turning most of humanity into...well, zombies.  Moaning, unconscious zombies, eating the dwindling human population.

I spent part of the last week reading this book, including horror stories filled with graphic descriptions of a plague that started in China, and ended up overwhelming most of the world.  Romantic, right?

So, on Saturday night, I went to bed and had this dream that became more and more of a nightmare. But instead of zombies, for some reason, it was crazed Canada geese that were trying to get into my house.  My face was up against the back door, where the sheer weight of the moaning geese was starting to bulge the door inward towards me.  In a last gasp effort to keep the geese out, I bit the door.

The door was soft. Too soft.

And suddenly I woke up, with this realization....it wasn't a door. It was a shoulder.

My spouse was awake too.  "Did I bite you?" I asked, fearing the worst.


Well, in over 35 years of marriage, that was a first.  He wasn't even mad at me.  I think he was a bit amused.

Turns out spouse was having this strange dream, also involving geese.  But they weren't zombie geese, and they weren't trying to get into the house.  And just as the dream was getting really interesting, someone bit his shoulder and he woke up.

Luckily I didn't hurt him, perhaps thanks to the nightguard I wear.  In fact, the bite isn't even visible anymore.

So, that is my romantic story.  Love means never having to say you're sorry when you bite the one you love during an invasion of zombie geese.

Do you have a non-romantic story that shows the love you have for a longtime love of your life?


  1. Thanks for sharing! Cracked me up! :)

  2. And here I thought that True Love means forgiving you when you bite the one you love during a dream about the invasion of zombie geese, who simply are confused whether to fly North, fly South, or stay put.

  3. Haha! Too funny! My spouse is also reading a zombie book...for young adults though and he's loving it. A neighbor boy told him about it and it does sound interesting...it's called "Rot and Ruin" and it's premise is that the meek who inherit the earth are in fact Zombies...he's loving it.
    Great blog!

  4. ConsciousGardener, I looked up Rot and Ruin and it sounds like exactly the type of book I would enjoy-I enjoy young adult dystopic literature. Thank you, everyone who enjoyed the story of why you should not read zombie literature before bedtime. And JCWinnie, there sure are a lot of confused geese in upstate New York, aren't there.


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